Connect PC to Cisco Switch or Router

To connect a PC which has two network interfaces (one Ethernet and another wireless) to a LAN, you will want to create a default route to the wireless interface, assuming you are using the wiressless network to get to the Internet (WAN). Here is a link on how to set up a default route on a Windows machine:

Here is the command to add a default route(assume is your WAN gateway)

route add mask

You will also need to add a static route so that all traffic going to LAN are directed to the LAN gateway, instead of to WAN. Here is how:

route add mask

Useful links:

SNMP Intro

What is SNMP?

SNMP stands for Simple Network Management Protocol. It is used in network management systems to monitor network devices. It is part of Internet Protocol (IP) software suite.

Using SNMP, one can monitor and control a network device. Moreover, one can receive notification from a network device. A SNMP-managed system consists of three components: SNMP agents, Managed Devices, and Network Management Systems. A SNMP agent is a software process that manages network information on a Managed Device. A Managed Device is also called a SNMP-enabled device; routers, switches, PC, lab tops, or even smart phones are all examples of Managed Devices. A Network Management System is a computer that polls from Managed Devices and organizes the data in either textual or visual form.

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