Learn Unity 2D

I’ve wanting to learn more about creating games using Unity3D, and finally got some time on my hand to start. It took around five 4 to 5 hours of following Brackey’s wonderful Unity 2D tutorial to create a Pong game. The finished game is on http://rave.shallwelearn.com/pong/pong.html

I am planning to continue to learn Unity as followed:

  •     Create a 2D Pong Game (follow Brackey’s 2D Course at http://brackeys.com/preview/2d-course/)
  •     Create a simple 3D Game (Brackey’s YouTube tutorial at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPV2KyIb3jR4u6zeBY77WPj0KuFdmv84g)
  •     Dig in more with LearnUnity2D http://learnunity2d.com/

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