DynamoDB PlayList

(image from https://www.awsgeek.com/Amazon-DynamoDB/ by Jerry Hargrove)

DynamoDB was based on a 2007 paper and was introduced for general release in 2012, almost 10 years ago. It is used not only directly by the AWS customers but also internally by many of AWS services.

This blog contains a curated list of DynamoDB videos from re:Invent as well as AWS tech talks.

AWS re:Invent22 Day 3

Today is an activity-filled day!!!

A coworker and I signed up for the 5k that started at 6a. It was way too early but I had a blast!! After the run, I powered through it and attended several sessions until finally too tired to go on, so I took a short break. The two sessions that I attended in the morning at Venetian were not super relevant or perhaps were too easy for me, so I switched to attending a BlockChain session at MGM(3:45-4:45p), then the QuickSight Q (4:45p-5:45p). By then I am already super sleepy. But after getting some free drinks and snacks from Vendor Happy Hour, I got some more juice to join my coworkers who also made their way to MGM to go to another one (7p-8p, DAT203-R1 Dive deep into Amazon DynamoDB using design puzzles).

AWS re:Invent22 Day 2

Today’s big goal is to make it to the Tuesday Keynote. There are plenty of new product launch and what are mostly interesting to me are

  • AWS OpenSearch Serverless
  • AWS DataZone
  • AWS Suply Chain
  • AWS Connect

It was a pretty exhausting but fruitful day.