AWS re:Invent22 Day 3

Today is an activity-filled day!!!

A coworker and I signed up for the 5k that started at 6a. It was way too early but I had a blast!! After the run, I powered through it and attended several sessions until finally too tired to go on, so I took a short break. The two sessions that I attended in the morning at Venetian were not super relevant or perhaps were too easy for me, so I switched to attending a BlockChain session at MGM(3:45-4:45p), then the QuickSight Q (4:45p-5:45p). By then I am already super sleepy. But after getting some free drinks and snacks from Vendor Happy Hour, I got some more juice to join my coworkers who also made their way to MGM to go to another one (7p-8p, DAT203-R1 Dive deep into Amazon DynamoDB using design puzzles).

Believe it or not, and I did not how I did it, we went to TopGolf and played till 12:30a. Crazy! But this is a big part of attending conferences with the team. Networking is a big part of it to build learning and sharing experience together. Work hard and play hard!