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About Jessica Chiang

Welcome to Shall We Learn! Thank you for your interest. My name is Jessica Chiang (https://www.linkedin.com/in/jessicachiangsd). I am currently a tech lead and a staff Software Engineer at Sony PlayStation. I came from Kaohsiung City, Taiwan to the States when I was 15; since then I’ve met many great teachers/professors who love and enjoy teaching.

Now I am a mom with two school-aged sons boys, Matt and Vincent. I love spending time with them and teaching them math and computer science. Like all boys, Matt loves video games and animations, and so do a lot of Matt’s friends. That’s what sparked my interest in learning more about Game Programming. I’d like to teach Matt and kids his age to make their own games and to learn about Computer Science, math, communication, and logic while having fun building their own games.


Education Background and Professional Experience

I was fortunate to have studied at the University of California, San Diego, where I spent more than five years and got both a BA and MS in Computer Science.

I got my very first job at NCR in Rancho Bernando during my last year as a senior in college. NCR has a great relationship with UCSD and has hired many graduates from UCSD. I worked on Value Analyzer, a CRM solution for financial institutions to analyze their clients for best marketing costumer-retaining strategies. It utilizes NCR’s TeraData data warehouse technology.

After grad school, I worked for five years for Navy Research Lab at SSC(SPAWAR Systems Command) Pacific. I loved the New Professional program and working with great engineers, many of them were either veteran or still serving in the military.

After SPAWAR, I worked with a group of brilliant physicists and software engineers at Decision Sciences Corporation and worked on Guardian MT, a hardware and software solution to detect nuclear and other threat materials not detectable using current detector technologies. It was selected by Popular Science Magazine in 2010 to be in The 100 Hottest Innovations of the Year. Congrats!!

Now I am working I also have worked for 5 years at Northrop Grumman Corporation, a great company that also is heavily involved in Education Outreach. This is the company that is behind the Weightless Flight of Discovery Program.