Unit Test with Mono and Flux

Unit testing with Mono and Flux in Reactor Java is straightforward and involves the use of the StepVerifier class. The StepVerifier is a testing utility that can be used to verify the behavior of reactive streams.

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Java Lesson Plan

To make learning Java interesting, this is the proposed lesson plan Desktop Development Set up Git Set up Java on your development machine Install GreenFoot Install Visual Studio Code API Dev Set up Maven or Gradle Create a Spring Boot app Create API Set up Auth (using https://auth0.com free plan, up to 7000 active users) … Read more

How to Update Eclipse Software on Linux behind proxy

To update eclipse software on Linux behind proxy is a bit tricky but doable and here is how: 1) Find the proxy server’s host name and your account’s authentication info 2) Open the network connection by “Windows”->”Preferences”-> “General”->”Network Connection”, select “manual” and enter the proxy information. Below is a screenshot of my setup:

30-minutes with Node.js – P1

I’ve read about Node.js and finally had a chance to test it out. After 30 minutes, I found it easy to use and very powerful, and would definitely explore some more in the future. This blog documents my short experiment with Node.js

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