What is Java Stream

Java streams are a feature introduced in Java 8 that allows developers to perform functional-style operations on collections of data. Streams are designed to make it easier to write more concise, declarative code for manipulating collections, and to take advantage of multi-core processors for improved performance.

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Java Streams Code Snippets

What is a Java Stream?

Java Stream is a sequence of elements supporting the sequential and parallel aggregate operation. This example shows an aggregate operation using Stream and IntStream

int sum = widgets.stream()
                 .filter(w -> w.getColor() == RED)
                 .mapToInt(w -> w.getWeight())

In this example (from Oracle Stream doc), widgets is a Collection<Widget>. A stream of Widget objects was created via Collection.stream(), filter it to product a stream containing only the red widgets, and then transform it into a stream of int values representing the weight of each red widget. Finally this stream is summed to produce a total weight.


This post lists Java Streams code snippets that I find very useful

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Lombok Tips

What is Lombok?

In their own word,

Project Lombok is a java library that automatically plugs into your editor and build tools, spicing up your java. Never write another getter or equals method again, with one annotation your class has a fully featured builder, Automate your logging variables, and much more

Why Use Lombok

  • Reduce boilerplate code
  • Increase readability
  • Reduce work for unit test code coverage

When to NOT use Lombok?

  • More complex entity classes (non-POJO classes)

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How to Update Eclipse Software on Linux behind proxy

To update eclipse software on Linux behind proxy is a bit tricky but doable and here is how: 1) Find the proxy server’s host name and your account’s authentication info 2) Open the network connection by “Windows”->”Preferences”-> “General”->”Network Connection”, select “manual” and enter the proxy information. Below is a screenshot of my setup:

Update to JDK 8 on Mac OS

Java 8 (1.8.11 at the time of the writing) is the latest Java version. It was released in March this year and contain various major updates, including the long-waited lambda support. This blog described how to update to JDK 8 on Mac OS and also to check the lambda support with a simple app.

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