What is Git and GitHub

In this blog, I talked about Git and GitHub and how you will use them in your project development.

Git is a version control system for software development, and GitHub is a web-based platform that uses Git for version control and also adds collaboration features.

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Learn Git Lesson Plan

To understand Git, let’s break it down into parts that make Git work for you

  1. The anatomy of Git Repo
  2. Create a GitHub Account and Set up Dev Machine
  3. Create and Clone a Remote Git Repo
  4. Fork an Existing Git Repo
  5. Use Git on a One-Person Team
  6. Use Git on a Multi-Persons Team
  7. Git Best Practice
  8. Extra: Create GitPage

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Git Access Personal Token

This entry shows how and why you need to generate Git Personal Token

Git Personal Token is required to interact with Git Server. It is different from the Git Account Password. The token can be created for a set period of time, and can also be “revoked”. Think of it like an access card. It is tied to your account but can be created, used for access, and deactivated.

Below we go over the steps to create and use the Gi Personal Token

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