Add Alias and Export to Terminal on Mac

On macOS, Zsh is available as the default shell starting from macOS Catalina (10.15) and later versions. Note that Zsh is backward compatible with Bash, so you can still use Bash commands and scripts within Zsh. In this entry, I will cover common tips on using and configuring Zsh.

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My iOS Dev Log – Set up iOS Dev Environment

I’ve always wanted to learn about iOS dev and 2023 is the year that I am going to tackle it seriously so that I can develop tools for myself and maybe even share them with others for free in the Apple Store. I will start a blog series to chronicle my learning to build my first app.

Here are the first few steps that I need to do to set up my development environment:

  1. Find a Mac (this is easy since we use Mac for work)
  2. Register an Apple Developer membership (to deploy to iOS devices and also to sell in the store)
  3. Install XCode
  4. Verify that I can run the app on my machine (Since I have followed an amazing tutorial to create a FlappyBird using Unity, I used it to verify my iOS dev setup. )

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