30-minutes with Node.js – P1

I’ve read about Node.js and finally had a chance to test it out. After 30 minutes, I found it easy to use and very powerful, and would definitely explore some more in the future. This blog documents my short experiment with Node.js

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Set up Django on a Remote Host

I was able  to set up the Django sample site on my Dreamhost site. Django is a high-level Python Web framework that facilitates rapid web application development. I was able to follow the Django tutorial and instruction from Dreamhost to add a Django site to my domain.

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Add multilanguage support to Joomla site

Recently I’ve added multilanguage support to my Joomla site (Shall We Learn)   I was able to do so by following the following two resources: 1. Step-by-step documentation from Gavic Pro http://www.gavick.com/documentation/questions/configuration-multilanguage-site-with-joomla-1-7/ 2. Tutorial from Joomla YouTube Channel