Portfolio Project Part 2 – Update Cloned Git Repository –

On the previous page, we set up a GitHub page site using a sample portfolio Git Repo.  This article shows how to update the portfolio site by changing  files in your remote repository

The simplest and most visible way to change this site is to replace the profile image.



To do that, we will add a new file, and replace the current profile image, logo.png, with this new file.


This new file needs to have similar size and dimension as the existing profile image. We can find the dimension of the current file by selecting it in Visual Code, and the file information will be displayed

As you can see, this image is 270 by 270. If you have an image with a similar dimension or know how to create such an image easily, then skip the following section and move to

If not, you can use fotor. For the full closure, I just did a quick google on “free image editing”, and fotor popped up, and it’s relatively easy to use. From fotor site, you can upload an image, and once uploaded, go to the left panel and select “resize”, and enter 270 by 270. Then click “Export” from the center top menu.

Say the file you have downloaded is “logo1.png”. Find it in File Explorer, and open the “quick-portfolio” project from Visual Code. Have both windows open, and drag the “logo1.png” or whatever your file is, to the “images” folder in the quick-portfolio project


Then update the file where the logo.png was used to use the new file (in my example, “logo1.png”) instead

Next, we will go through how to apply this change to the remote repository. It will take four steps. The below image illustrates each step. The “local” repository is stored on your development machine, and the remote repository is hosted on the GitHub site. Af the local repository, each “change” can be in one of these four states: Same (same as the copy in the remote repo), Changed, Staged (ready to commit), and Committed (saved to the local repo).

To add the changes to stage, type