Set up a GitHub Account

What is GitHub?

GitHub is a development platform where you can collaborate with others on software projects.

Why use GitHub?

  • It lets you store projects and tracks the changes
  • It let you collaborate with your team
  • It let you host a portfolio site (via GitPage)
  • It’s free!

How to Set up a GitHub Account

Go to and sign up

Then check your email to verify your account

Go to your email and click on the email

Click on the Verify Email Address button to verify your GitHub account.

Once Clicked on the Verify Button, you should be taken to your GitHub Page.

In the GitHub and GitPage Part 2, I will show how to create your first website using GitPage.


Gmail trick:

Do you know that you would have, you can just use or, and the emails would still end up in the account?

This is perfect for creating multiple accounts using the same Gmail account

Email Verification as an Authentication Method

Do you ever why each time you sign up for some account, it asks what your email is, and it will send you an email?

This is to verify that you own that email