Create GitHub Actions to makes and Commit Changes

In this article, I will show how I step-by-step created a github action that checkout, zipped, and added the zipped file to the repo, each time I commit to main.

When packaging and deploy an application, there are cases that the build process needs to make changes to the branch before, during, or after the build and commit that changes to the repository. A common example is when cutting a release build, a version number can be updated and then checked back into the future branches of the repo.

AWS QuickStart: Create a Public Test API Using AWS Lambda and API Gateway

In this tutorial, I’ve gone through the simple steps to create a public test API using AWS lambda and API gateway. In this blog (and recording), I did not show how to add protection to the API, since this test API is for integration testing only and only prints “hi” and does not use any system resource. I created this API to test out the OpenAI GPT Action, which I will go over in another tutorial.