Create GitHub Pages

In this article, we will create a simple website using GitHub Pages. You can see a very simple sample at

Go to and log in to your GitHub account. Click on your avatar and select “Your repositories” from the drop-down.

Select the repository you are going to create a site for. I used “jess”.

At your repository page (mine is “jess1sd/jess”), click on the “Settings ” tab, then from the left panel, click “Pages”.

Pick a branch to use for GitHub Pages. Since you only have one branch (“main”), just select that branch.

Click Save.

You will be shown the URL of your new site. Wait 5-10 min before trying the URL.

What my beautiful Site looks like. You can also hit it from your phone obviously.

Go back to the GitHub Pages to choose a theme

You can move right/left to pick the theme you like, then click “Select theme”.

Verify that your theme is selected.

Wait about 5 min, and try the URL again. You should see the theme applied.