Ridiculously Easy WordPress Tricks

My compiled list of WordPress tricks that I wish I would have known earlier:

  • Permalink setting
  • Drag and Drop Image to Blog Post
  • Prevent SPAM
  • Rearrange Post Order
  • Add Google Analytics to Dashboard

Permalink setting


Use post name versus default. Default is shallwelearn.com/blog/?p=123 , and postname-based permalink is shallwelearn.com/blog/sample-post/

Drag and Drop Image to Blog Post

I can drag and drop the images from my desktop (Windows) to the post in FireFox (tested with version 25)

Prevent SPAM

Install Akismet plugin (http://akismet.com/) or just go to Plugins and search for Akismet

Re-arrange post order

I installed “Simple Custom Post Order” plugin, which provides drag and drop reordering of the posts.

Add Google Analytics to the WordPress Dashboard

Install the plugin by following the instruction from this plugin site http://wordpress.org/plugins/google-analytics-for-wordpress/