Build OpenCV on Snow Leopard

t took me whole day yesterday to build OpenCV for my Snow Leopard. I still need to add the FFMPEG support but for now, it is turned off. I’ve followed the Mac OS X OpenCV Port doc.

svn co opencv
cd opencv mkdir opencv/build cmake ..
ccmake .

Hit ‘t’ to toggle advanced mode.

CMAKE_CXX_COMPILER to “/usr/bin/g++-4.0″ and CMAKE_C_COMPILER” to /usr/bin/gcc-4.0″.

I also need to turn off FFMPEG and LIBDB1394, because I could not get them to install properly yet on Snow Leopard.

Turn on the BUILD_EXAMPLE. Hit ‘c’ to configure and then ‘g’ to generate the config files and exit ccmake.

make -j8 su
make install

To build the example, I need to change the opencv/sample/c/ to the following: (change gcc to gcc-4.0 and g++ to g++-4.0, and also add “-arch i386”)

if [[ $# > 0 ]] ; then
	base=`basename $1 .c`
	echo "compiling $base"
	gcc-4.0 -arch i386 -ggdb `pkg-config opencv --cflags --libs` $base.c -o $base
	for i in *.c; do
		echo "compiling $i"
		gcc-4.0 -arch i386 -ggdb `pkg-config --cflags opencv` -o `basename $i .c` $i `pkg-config --libs opencv`;
	for i in *.cpp; do             
		echo "compiling $i"             
		g++-4.0 -arch i386 -ggdb `pkg-config --cflags opencv` -o `basename $i .cpp` $i `pkg-config --libs opencv`;
done fi

To build the c sample, just type:

Next step for me would be to build the universal library for OpenCV from Snow Leopard. Reference:


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