Turn on Code Highlighting in Joomla CodeCitation Plugin

Just got CodeCitation to work on my Joomla site and here are the steps I took:

1. Download CodeCitation Plugin

2. ENABLE the new CodeCitation plugin with the Joomla 1.5 backend plugin manager.

3. Change the plugin’s order to the value greater, then the order of “Content – Pagebreak” plugin (for example, 10002)

4.To keep the tab space, change JCE Editor’s Cleanup options so that Cleanup HTML is “Yes”, and Entity Encoding is “named”.








5. Change my text editor so that tab is replaced with space.

So that now whatever code I’ve typed in my local editor can be copied and pasted to Joomla JCE Editor with the right indentation.

Here is a java example

{codecitation class=”brush:java”}JAVA_CODE{/codecitation}


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