Windows 8 Useful Tips

I’ve started to use Windows 8 about one year ago and do enjoy it and below is a list of tools to make the Windows 8 experience more enjoyable.

1. Bring back start menu

I don’t know about you, but I like to see all my apps and it’s just too strenous to have to search it each time or to pin them all to the desktop.

This article from extremetech gives three options(two free) to bring the beloved Start Menu back:

2. Take a Shot

Use Snipping Tools

3. Find out who’s using the files and kill it

Use Handle to find the process name and then use taskkill or task manager to kill the process

4. To run an app as an Administrator

Go to the tiles and right-click on an application tile. You should see a green check at the upper right-hand corner of the tile.



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