Set up Django on Windows 8 with Python 3.4.1

This posts documents the steps I took to set up Django on my Windows 8 box using Python 3.4.1. It’s even easier with Pythan 3.4.1 than with Python 2.7 (see previous post), since pip comes with v3.4.1.

What is Django

Django is a high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design.

Who Uses Django

Disqus, Instagram, Mozilla, Pinterest, and many more

Tested Steps to Install Django on Windows 8

The installation instruction on django site is extremely helpful.

Below are the steps I took to install Django on my Windows 8 box

1) Install Python 3.4.1

Download python 3.4.1:

Install with all default settings (just click next all the way)

When done, the Python 3.4.1 is installed in C:\Python34

2) Install official release of Django


Since Python 3.4.1, pip is included and no additional pip installation steps are required if using v3.4.1.

Open a Windows commandline prompt: Ctrl+r and type “cmd”

python -m pip install Django


3) Verify Django install

>>>import django
>>>print (django.get_version())


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