Hello Android – Create a (faster) Android Virtual Device

This entry blogs my own learning to use Android Studio. For IDE, I used Android Studio (v1.2.1.1) and deployed to Android emulator. The exciting(not!) Android app looks like this:

To create an AVD (Android Virtual Device), first download the image using SDK Manager

Then use AVD (Android Virtual Device) Manager to create and manage virtual devices

Select virtual device setting. Below is my setting.

If AVD is created successfully, you should see the dialog that looks similar as below:

Then start AVD by clicking the “Start…” button.

Set Launch option

You may notice that the emulator is extremely slow. Don’t worry, there is a fine solution. Download Intel’s Hardware Accelerated Execution Manager (HAXM) for your platform (windows, mac, or linux), and install it.

After installing, change the AVD’s CPU/ABI to Intel Atom (x86)



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