Learn Unity Series

In this series, I will document my Unity 2D Game Dev learning journey in this docu-blog series. The first MVP I want to create is a simple underwater platform game with the main character being an Octopus.  To develop the MVP (minimal viable product), here is my plan:

  1. [Setup] Set up the Unity 2D Game Dev development environment
  2. [GameHowTo] Create the first game by following the best Unity 2D tutorial video I found to create a 2D Flappy Bird game using the core GameDev concept, and nothing else
  3. [Logistics] Update to add Mobile Support and set up Mobile Dev Environment (iOS and android)
  4. [Enhance] Enhance the simple game by adding a few nice-to-have features (sound, particle system, etc)
  5. [Productize] Update the “story” of the game, but keep the game mechanics (gameplay, scoring system, and scripts)
  6. [MarketRelease] Make available on Apple Store and Google Play
  7. [Branding] Create the how-to video and publish it on my YouTube