Create an Virtual Window Server for Development on AWS

Steps to Create and Connect to a Windows Virtual Machine on AWS

  • Log on to your AWS Console as an IAM user who has permission to create EC2 instances
  • Create an EC2 instance and make sure to create KeyPair
    • Make sure you check the individual price when selecting the instance type
  • Open the new EC2 instance and click Connect to view the instruction on how to connect
    • Download the RDP file
    • Find the Password by decrypting the public key (the pem file from the Create EC2 step)
  • Download Windows RDP (Remote Desktop)
  • ¬†Create a new connection profile using the RDP file, then connect to the new instance using the decrypted password
  • After development, stop (not terminate) the instance so you are not being charged for the Compute price.
  • If you are done with this instance and no longer need it, you can terminate it so that you don’t need to pay for the storage price.