Access Git Personal Token

This entry shows how and why you need to generate Git Personal Token

Git Personal Token is required to interact with Git Server. It is different from the Git Account Password. The token can be created for a set period of time, and can also be “revoked”. Think of it like an access card. It is tied to your account but can be created, used for access, and deactivated.

Below we go over the steps to create and use the Gi Personal Token

1. Create a Git Account on the GitHub site

Set up a GitHub Account


2. Create a Git Personal Token on the GitHub site

To create the Personal Git Token, follow this link

3. Create a Git Remote Repo on the GitHub site

You can create an empty remote git repo by following this page

Create a New Empty Remote Git Repository on GitHub

4. Clone the Git Repo to the Local Machine

Say the repo is called thewhale, and your username is fakemobydick. You can then clone thewhale repo by:

type “git clone”, then at the password prompt, use the user token in Step 3.

git clone
password for '':