Create a Simple HTML5 application with Aptana Studio 3.4.1

This tutorial shows how to create a simple HTML5 application in Aptana Studio

Verify Aptana Studio Version

This tutorial is based on Aptana Version: 3.4.1

Create a New Web Project

At Project Explorer, right-click, select “New”->”Web Project”

Select Default Project that is empty.

At “Project name:”, enter “HelloWorld”. Keep the other selection as the default value. Hit Finish.

Add a HTML5 file to the project

Next, we will add a new HTML5 file. Right-click on the HelloWorld project, select “New From Template”->”HTML”->”HTML5 Template”

Select “HelloWorld” as the parent folder and name the file “HelloWorld.html”.

A file named “HelloWorld.html” would be created.

Test Time!

To test it, right-click on the new_file.html file, and select “Run As”->”Javascript Web Application”

The internal server bundled with Aptana would run, and the HelloWorld.html would open in the default browser. You should see the page as followed: