Free Python Learning Resources

I have been wanted to practice and relearn python and I recently, during my annual month-long summer break from work, had a chance to revisit python. I’d like to share the great free resource I’ve found online. The resources include CodeCademy, Aptana, and free Python3 book.

I took a simple course on CodeCademy (, an exciting start-up company. It offers free online, step-by-step, programming courses ranging from HTMP, JavaScript, to Python. I find CodeCademy’s interface really easy to use and quite addicting, if you are the kind of person who enjoys coding.

For IDE (Integrated Development Environment), I use Aptana . Aptana is web development IDE based on Eclipse. If you are familiar with Eclipse, Aptana is fairly easy to use.

Luckily I also found free books (Dive Into Python3) that are easy to follow


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