Update Python Modules on Mac – python3

This blog entry shows how to update to python 3 and how to install python modules on Mac

Mac Version 10.8.2
Python Version: 3.4.1

Update to python3

First install Python 3 ( 3.4.1 at the time of the writing)
Python 3.4.1 is installed to /Library/Framework/Python.Framework/Version/3.4

Open a terminal, and at the terminal type
which python

On my system it shows “/usr/bin/python”
To update the system to use python3 (for python 3.0+) instead of python2
rm /usr/bin/python
ln -s /usr/local/bin/python3 /usr/bin/python

Install python modules via pip

1) Install pip


2) Install a package via pip

pip install httplib2

Then show where httplib2 was installed

pip show httplib2

3) Add the modules site to Aptana (if using Aptana as python IDE)

Aptana Studio 3 – Preferences. Then at the Preferences dialog, search for python (type “python”), and select PyDev->Interpreter – Python.

To add python 3 as a new interpreter, cick “New…”, then browse to python3’s install directory. On Mac, it’s under /Library/Framework/Python.Framework/Version/3.4/bin/python3

Then you would be prompted to select the following detected folders to SYSTEM pythopath. Click OK to accept.

When done, your python3 interpreter should look as follow:


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