SCRATCH Lesson 3: Adding Sounds (Dance to the Beat)

In this lesson 2, we make our sprite dance. In lesson 3, I will show you how to make him dance to the beat. And not just to the beat but to the Hip-Pop beat!

Step 1: Dancing and Popping

Open project “dance”. Select sprite “dancer1” and click “Sound” button.

Drag “play sound pop” block and drop it under “next costume” block. Now click  to play.


Step 2: Hip-Popping

Fun, huh? But try listening to it for 5 minutes – it gets a bit boring. One can only take this much “popping”. This calls for a twist to the music clip. Let’s fancy it up! Go to Sounds Tab, and click “Import” button. When “Import Sound” window opens, click “Sounds” button and then select “Music Loops” folder.


Click each clip to listen to the demo. “DrumMachine”, “HipHop”, and “HumanBeatbox1” are among my favorites. So I think they are cool enough for our first loop. Import all three. Delete the less interesting “Pop”. Now the Sounds editor for sprite “hip-pop” should now look like this.

Go back to Scripts Tab. First drag a “forever” block from Control Tool Box and drop it anywhere in the editing box. Then drag a “play sound _____ until done” block and drop it inside the “forever” block. Drag two other “play sound ______ until done” blocks and drop it under first “play sound _____ done” block. Select sound for each block to your liking. Double click this combo block to test.

Step 3: Wrapping it up

Remove the “play sound pop“ block from the motion combo block. Then add a “when  clicked” on top of the music combo block.


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