DynamoDB Primer

What is DynamoDB It's AWS-managed, serverless, NoSQL database technology created by AWS and used widely in AWS solutions. Design a DynamoDB table Say I want to create a restaurant and…

My iOS Dev Log – Set up iOS Dev Environment

I’ve always wanted to learn about iOS dev and 2023 is the year that I am going to tackle it seriously so that I can develop tools for myself and maybe even share them with others for free in the Apple Store. I will start a blog series to chronicle my learning to build my first app.

Here are the first few steps that I need to do to set up my development environment:

  1. Find a Mac (this is easy since we use Mac for work)
  2. Register an Apple Developer membership (to deploy to iOS devices and also to sell in the store)
  3. Install XCode
  4. Verify that I can run the app on my machine (Since I have followed an amazing tutorial to create a FlappyBird using Unity, I used it to verify my iOS dev setup. )

Java Lesson Plan

To make learning Java interesting, this is the proposed lesson plan Desktop Development Set up Git Set up Java on your development machine Install GreenFoot Install Visual Studio Code API…

Create a New AWS Account

You can create an AWS account for free, as long as you provide an email address and a credit card. For the first year, you can use the 12-month Free Tier offering in your first 12 month of account creation. Not all AWS resources are Free Tier eligible, so make sure before creating any AWS resources.

To create an AWS account, simply go to https://aws.amazon.com and click on “Create an AWS Account”.

The account creation process will ask you for your email address, address, as well as a valid credit card. After email verification, you can then log in to your new AWS account.

This video shows my step of creating an new AWS account

AI 2023- ChatGPT

What is ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a trained model which interacts in a conversational way. The dialogue format makes it possible for ChatGPT to answer follow-up questions, admit its mistakes, challenge incorrect premises, and reject inappropriate requests.

This ChatGPT model was trained using RLHF (Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback).

The initial model was trained using supervised fine-tuning. A human AI trainer would play both parts: user and AI assistant. (for more details, read the ChatGPT blog from OpenAI)

What is Git and GitHub

In this blog, I talked about Git and GitHub and how you will use them in your project development.

Git is a version control system for software development, and GitHub is a web-based platform that uses Git for version control and also adds collaboration features.

Learn Git Lesson Plan

To understand Git, let’s break it down into parts that make Git work for you

  1. The anatomy of Git Repo
  2. Create a GitHub Account and Set up Dev Machine
  3. Create and Clone a Remote Git Repo
  4. Fork an Existing Git Repo
  5. Use Git on a One-Person Team
  6. Use Git on a Multi-Persons Team
  7. Git Best Practice
  8. Extra: Create GitPage