What is Java Stream

Java streams are a feature introduced in Java 8 that allows developers to perform functional-style operations on collections of data. Streams are designed to make it easier to write more concise, declarative code for manipulating collections, and to take advantage of multi-core processors for improved performance.

Unit Test with Mono and Flux

Unit testing with Mono and Flux in Reactor Java is straightforward and involves the use of the StepVerifier class. The StepVerifier is a testing utility that can be used to verify the behavior of reactive streams.

Non-Blocking vs Reactive

Non-Blocking and Reactive are related concepts in the context of asynchronous programming, but they refer to different aspects of the programming model. This entry explains what each means and how they are different. Disclaimer: This blog was written by ChatGPT with the image by MidJourney.

How to Revert a Git Commit

Git is a powerful version control system, but sometimes you may need to revert a commit. Maybe you made a mistake in your code, or maybe you want to go back to a previous version of your project. Whatever the reason, here’s how you can easily revert a Git commit.

Create an Virtual Window Server for Development on AWS

Steps to Create and Connect to a Windows Virtual Machine on AWS

  • Log on to your AWS Console as an IAM user who has permission to create EC2 instances
  • Create an EC2 instance and make sure to create KeyPair
    • Make sure you check the individual price when selecting the instance type
  • Open the new EC2 instance and click Connect to view the instruction on how to connect
    • Download the RDP file
    • Find the Password by decrypting the public key (the pem file from the Create EC2 step)
  • Download Windows RDP (Remote Desktop)
  • ¬†Create a new connection profile using the RDP file, then connect to the new instance using the decrypted password
  • After development, stop (not terminate) the instance so you are not being charged for the Compute price.
  • If you are done with this instance and no longer need it, you can terminate it so that you don’t need to pay for the storage price.

Learn Unity Series

In this series, I will document my Unity 2D Game Dev learning journey in this docu-blog series. The first MVP I want to create is a simple underwater platform game…